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Leland Greene Law Offices Review

An Excellent Trial Lawyer, Litigator and an A+ negotiator in his own right


Samuel D.


Mr. Greene is the most experienced and knowledgeable trial Lawyer I have ever had the opportunity to retain for legal services. He is a Trial Lawyer, Litigator and an A+ negotiator. Lee, as he humorously reminds one to call him is friendly, humorous, and learned. I call him "a trial lawyer's human Library and legal adviser to his peers." The reason is I had an occasion that an Attorney that worked for me relied on Lee's legal counsel and successfully got a foreclosure judgment for real property sale denied in Queens Supreme Court. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Greene's services to anyone seeking the assistance of a REAL Attorney at Law because he is an expert and qualified in his own right.

Most Experienced and Patient Litigation Attorney I have met


David T.


Lee Greene's is the most experienced and patient litigation attorney that I have met. Patience is a rare quality found in a litigation attorney. However he carefully listened to all of our facts, analyzed the dispute from all angles and successfully dismissed our dispute. Litigation is a very stressful event and his knowledge and experience gave us the confidence during a difficult time. On top of his extensive experience in litigation, his personality and professionalism makes him a great attorney. I would highly recommend Mr. Greene for his services.

The Real Deal


Conrad C.


I am an attorney. I first learned of Lee from an attorney practicing in Chicago who had come across Lee and had been thoroughly impressed by the depth and breadth of Lee's knowledge. When someone is that highly recommended, the smart thing to do is to make contact for future reference, so I did. I was so impressed that years later when I needed an attorney myself I hired Lee—even though he was on the other side of the state! I knew I needed just what he offers—vast knowledge of the law, astute analysis of the situation, fantastic written and oral presentations, and amazing strategic skills–he sees it coming before they even think of it.
In summary, Lee is the real deal. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

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